Saturday, March 28, 2015

ScoutTrax -- Never Guess Where Your Scout Stands Again

I’m trying out a new bit of web-based software called ScoutTrax in which I can track your boys’ progress – and which you can see from home and add completed requirements when they work on them at home.

The software requires a bit of data entry, so it’s going to be slow going for a bit. Eventually you’ll receive an email from, inviting you to join. That’s coming from me. If you’re not sure I have your email address, please email it to me.

If you're curious in the meantime, head over to and take a look.

April 2015 Calendar

Also, don't forget this Tuesday we're doing a service project!

April 7: Swimming at Wes Deist Aquatic Center.

April 14: Stake Merit Badge Pow-Wow. More information will be coming on this event. Scouts will work on two merit badges.

April 21: Combined activity TBA.

April 28: Stake Merit Badge Pow-Wow. More information will be coming on this event. Scouts will work on two merit badges.

CAMPOUT: We will have a campout this month, but it has not yet been scheduled. Next scheduled campout is May 1-2, Spring Camporee, where we will earn the Scouting Heritage Merit Badge. If you’d like to come with your son, please let me know.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Campout this Weekend

Get ready for a campout at Twin Bridges this weekend, March 20-21. We’ll have fairly warm weather which means we’re back on completing the Cycling Merit Badge.

Come prepared for a 10-mile bike ride to get us warmed up. Make sure your bike is tuned up and that you’ve got a helmet. (I’ve got a few helmets to loan out, but not many.) Also bring a water bottle and some snacks for after the ride.

We’ll meet at the church at 5:30 Friday, and be home at about noon Saturday.

Service Auction

Want to make it easier to get to Island Park Scout Camp this summer? Make sure you’re participating in the Ammon 11th Ward Service Auction and Yard Sale Saturday, April 19.

Last year, the auction and yard sale made it possible for us to get our Scouts to camp at under $50 per scout, saving parents about $130. We hope to be as successful this year.

Our troop will be contributing some kind of service to be auctioned off, and we encourage individual Scouts to provide service to auction or items for the yard sale – and those items can include desserts, just as we did last year.

The evening will also include a free dinner.

So start going through your garage and closets, looking for things you can bring to the yard sale.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Parents, We Need You

We’re working hard in Troop 125 to make sure your boys are having fun and that they’re advancing in rank in the BSA.

You can help with both.

First, the fun:

We need dads who can come camping with us. First, for logistical reasons. We have 12 scouts in the troop now. We do not have enough seat belts to get them to camp. The BSA – and common safety practices – require each body in a vehicle used for scouting have a seat belt, and use it.

Our next campout is March 20-21, at Twin Bridges. Part of that activity will include a ten-mile bike ride Saturday morning. Why not join your son for a fun bike ride, after camping out the night before? If a fat old guy like me can handle it, so can you.

Second, the rank advancement:

This week your scouts will bring home a report on what they want to do and what they need to do to reach their next rank advancement. We can do quite a bit for that in our meetings and on our campouts, but there’s stuff you can do at home too. Good news is, it’s probably stuff you’re already doing. Please ask your scout about his individual report.

The biggest push is for them to complete Requirement No. 5 of the Cooking Merit Badge at home.

Additionally, if you have questions about what we’re doing in scouts and where your son stands, let me know.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Troop Rules

I'd rather not write up a long list of rules for the troop . . . so here's a short list:

Rule No. 1: Don't give us an excuse to make rules. The BSA, like pirates, already has a lot of guidelines. There's plenty in the Oath and the Law to chew on. So if there's a rule made outside of No. 1, that means it's something we need to work on.

Rule No. 2: Be on time and in place. Scouts starts at 7 pm, and it starts in the primary room, opening exercises. You shouldn't have to wander through the church to find where scouts begins if you're on time.

Rule No. 3: Don't make us come find you. We'll work hard to be on time to scouts. I get off the bus at 6:30 and I'm almost always at the church at 7. If you're not there, in opening exercises, we don't know you're there. You might get left behind. We don't have time to play hide and seek with you. You know why you're at the church -- come to Scouts.

A corollary: Your parents send you to Scouts assuming you're there to learn. If you go out the door to Scouts but don't show up and then something happens to you, your parents will ask us what happened. If you're not with us, we don't know.

Another corollary: We love having you at Scouts. We want to learn together and have fun together.

Rule No. 4: Bring your phones -- but don't play games during Scouts. It's great you're physically present. Now be mentally present.