Monday, June 1, 2015

Scout Camp Reminders

Just a few quick reminders for scout camp:

PHYSICALS: If you’re planning on going to scout camp with us July 27-Aug. 1, you need to have a new physical form completed. If your son has a physical that was completed for a sports team, that’s fine – as long as it’s less than a year old. I need a copy of it. This applies for scouts and leaders/parents attending camp. There is a link to the BSA health form to the right. I also have printed copies if you want one.

YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING: Parents who attend will need to complete Boy Scouts of America “Youth Protection” training, which can be found online. Instructions follow:
  1. Go to
  2. Create an account (you do not need a member ID to complete youth protection training).
  3.  Locate the youth protection training.
  4. Complete training and print certificate.
FEES: If you haven't paid your $120 per boy for camp yet, please do so. For adults, the fee is $45.

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