Sunday, June 7, 2015

Remember, Change Happens

We've got a few schedule changes you need to be aware of:

This Tuesday, we'll have scouts at my house (540 Match Point Drive) rather than at the church because of the possibility of a funeral taking precedence there Tuesday night. We will still do the gear check for our backpacking trip, and work on tin can stoves, time permitting.

Also, the backpacking trip for this weekend is being moved to next weekend, due to a scheduling conflict.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Scout Camp Reminders

Just a few quick reminders for scout camp:

PHYSICALS: If you’re planning on going to scout camp with us July 27-Aug. 1, you need to have a new physical form completed. If your son has a physical that was completed for a sports team, that’s fine – as long as it’s less than a year old. I need a copy of it. This applies for scouts and leaders/parents attending camp. There is a link to the BSA health form to the right. I also have printed copies if you want one.

YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING: Parents who attend will need to complete Boy Scouts of America “Youth Protection” training, which can be found online. Instructions follow:
  1. Go to
  2. Create an account (you do not need a member ID to complete youth protection training).
  3.  Locate the youth protection training.
  4. Complete training and print certificate.
FEES: If you haven't paid your $120 per boy for camp yet, please do so. For adults, the fee is $45.

June 2015 Calendar

June 2: Gear check for backpacking trip and Cooking merit badge.

June 9: Tin Can stoves/Cooking merit badge.

June 12-13: Backpacking trip to either Lower Palisades Lake or Elk Creek. Meet at the church at 3 pm. The hike will be roughly ten miles round trip. Boys are in charge of bringing and packing their own food – dinner, breakfast, and snacks.

June 16: Combined activity, TBD.

June 23: Game Design merit badge.

June 30: Requirements catch-up day. We’ll break into smaller groups and work on finishing badges and rank advancements.