Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring Camporee Time

Just a reminder that it's the Spring Camporee this weekend.

We'll meet at the church between 4:30-5 pm. I know many of you are just getting out of school at four. Come prepared for a cool -- not cold -- overnight camping experience, and be ready to work on the Scouting Heritage Merit Badge Saturday.

We'll be on the road home by about noon.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

May Schedule

May 5: Cooking merit badge. We’ll make wax stoves and work to complete the “trail cooking” portion of the badge.

May 12: Service project. Come prepared in grubby clothes to do some painting.

May 19: Combined activity TBD.

May 23: 50-mile bike ride. This is tentative, depending on who can come. We’ll ride our bikes from Jackson, Wyoming, to Jenny Lake, in Grand Teton National Park, then back. We’ll leave Ammon at about 6 am and hope to have the boys home by 8 pm. We have up to 8 hours to complete the bike ride, and past experience shows we’ll need the entire 8 hours. Any parents who want to come on the ride are welcome.

May 26: Court of Honor. Please invite your parents so they can see you receive your awards.

SCOUT CAMP: For those scouts interested in going to scout camp this summer, cost to attend this year is $120. I also need updated physicals for each scout. Forms for the physical are available on the troop blog. Look for the link. Money must be paid by May 15.

Scout Camp Alert

Scouters and scout families -- the results are in from our fundraising auction earlier this month, and now we've got to scramble to get scout camp paid for as soon as we can.

To attend camp this year, each scout will have to pay $120. That's a bit more than we expected, so let me explain. The auction this year raised an amount comparable to what was raised last year, when scouts only had to pay $40 to go to camp.

However, we need to remember that the fundraiser is for all scout and young women activities in the ward. This year, the allocation went differently, less in favor of the scouts. The Varsity team and the Explorer crew are planning a multi-day trip to southern Utah this summer, which is going to cost them a bit more, and there are more girls going to girls camp. As they got less money from the auction last year than the scouts did, the allocation went in their favor this year. That seems fair to me.

Scout Camp is a wonderful opportunity for your boys. They get to work with others of their age on scout advancement and try new things, ranging from rappelling to rifle and shotgun shooting, in a safe environment where they learn a lot. They get a lot of scouting out of one week of scout camp -- it would take me months as scoutmaster to offer your boys what they get in one week.

Nevertheless, we do need to come up with $120 per scout for scout camp this year. We also have to have the money turned in by May 15. If money is a problem, please talk with me. We have some who are willing to sponsor scouts who have a financial burden but who still want to go to camp. The bottom line is, if your scout wants to go to camp, we'll get them there. We do ask that you pay what you can.

You can either pay with your donations at church, or you can make the payments through me. I can't accept cash -- make any checks out to the Ammon 11th Ward. If you have any questions, please call me.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April Campout Cancelled -- Sorry.

Due to a challenging scout/family schedule, I'm going to have to cancel this weekend's campout. I do apologize.

Don't despair, however -- the Spring Camporee is coming up May 1-2, and we'll have two -- count 'em, two -- opportunities to camp in June: First at the Father and Son outing June 5-6, then a few weekends later as we go on our troop's first backpacking trip. More details on that to come.

Thanks for your patience with a busy scoutmaster.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

More Pow-Wow Information

Check it out -- the full list of merit badges to be offered at the Stake pow-wow starting Tuesday, along with their general locations in the church at 4030 John Adams Parkway (east of Ammon Road, drive along John Adams until you cross the railroad tracks, the church is immediately to the south.

We will meet at the Tiebreaker Church at 6:45 to take boys over.

I'm trying to find out if there's an opening ceremony before the pow-wow starts, or if we just head to the rooms we want. I'll post more information as I get it.

Emergency Preparedness: Gym South Side

Citizenship in the World: Multi-purpose room (next to the Kitchen)

Citizenship in the Nation: Large Room between the East Foyer and the Bishop's offices

Citizenship in the Community: Young Women's Room

Family Life:  Nursery

Communications: Relief Society Room

Camping: Room connected to the West Foyer

Personal Fitness: Gym North Side

Plumbing:  Small Room next to the Primary Room

Personal Management: Primary Room

Sustainability:  Room next to the West side Bishop's offices

Friday, April 10, 2015

Pow-Wow Planning

Here's the plan for the first week of the stake merit badge pow-wow:

TIME: Meet at the Tiebreaker Church at 6:45 pm. We'll carpool over to the stake center. We should have the boys home at about 9 pm.

WHAT'S GOING ON: Scouts will have the opportunity to work on two Eagle-required merit badges this week and also the week of the 28th.

I'll be teaching the Personal Management Merit Badge.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Schedule Change for Tuesday

Schedule update: We will NOT be working on the Swimming Merit Badge on Tuesday. I apologize, but I was unable to get us scheduled at the Aquatic Center. We'll try again later this month.

We will still have Scouts Tuesday, however -- come prepared to earn the BSA's new Cyper Chip award, which teaches Internet safety and is the first requirement for the Digital Technology Merit Badge.

One of the Cyber Chip award requirements involves Mom or Dad (or boht):

Write and sign a personalized contract with your parent or guardian that outlines rules for using the computer and mobile devices, including what you can download, what you can post, and consequences for inappropriate use

The contracts don't have to be complicated -- even just a few sentences on the items in the requirement will suffice.