Monday, February 23, 2015

Preparation for Scout Camp

Believe it or not, our week’s stay at Island Park Scout Camp this summer isn’t all that far off.

We’ll be at camp from Monday, July 27, through Saturday, August 1. Last year, our troop earned fourteen rank advancements and nearly 90 merit badges at camp, making that week our most powerful for advancement – and the most powerful for fun, as boys enjoyed swimming, rappelling, rifle shooting, archery, and other activities as they worked on their advancement. We hope to have similar success and fun this year.

For that to happen, though, we’ve got to get our ducks in a row.

First, each boy in the troop needs an updated annual physical. There’s a link to the form in the sidebar. It’s best to complete all parts – A through C – so I have all the information I need. If your son has a recent physical from participation in any sports team, that counts as Part C of the BSA form.
Second, I need a firm headcount on the number of boys going. Right now, I’m estimating we’ll have at least fourteen boys there, excluding any 11-year-old scouts planning to attend.

Third, given the number of boys attending this year, I need at least two other adults at camp throughout the week. You don’t have to stay the entire week – even if you can only come for a day or two, that counts, as there are likely other fathers who can’t stay the whole week either. This is a wonderful opportunity for Dads – and Moms; we’ve had Moms at our last two years of scout camp – to spend time with their boys and see them in Scouting action.

Fourth, the Ammon 11th Ward is again holding a service auction to help defray costs for scout camp, Varsity high adventure, and girls camp. The auction will take place April 19 at the Tiebreaker Church. Scouts are encouraged to think of services they could offer at the auction. Donated items – they’ve ranged in the past from bicycles to tools to cabin stays – are also encouraged for the auction. Last year’s auction helped reduce the cost of scout camp per scout from $180 to $45, so it’s a significant event for us to participate in.

I’m looking forward to camp again this year – for me as Scoutmaster, it’s the highlight of the year. The scouts work hard, play hard, and show levels of maturity and thoughtfulness that surprise Moms, Dads, and Scoutmaster as well. Please come and be a part of it.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

March 2015 Calendar


NOTE: There are several scouts who need to attend a public meeting and report on it to complete the Communication Merit Badge – and all could go to a meeting to fulfill a requirement for the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge. We will plan on attending one such meeting as a troop this month. Meetings this month are on the 4th, 5th, and 19th. We’ll decide as a group when to go beforehand.

CAMPOUT: We will have a campout in March, but we’re not yet certain on the date.

March 3: Merit badge work (Communication, Cooking)

March 10: Patrol activities. Patrols will work with individuals to help them figure out what they need to do to reach their next rank advancement.

March 17: Combined activity TBD.

March 24: Spring Break Week in District 93. This would be a good time for scouts, weather permitting, to catch up on some of the shorter bike rides for the Cycling Merit Badge. We’ll discuss this as a troop.

March 31: Swimming Merit Badge at Wes Deist Aquatic Center.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Troop 125 wants to congratulate four scouts for recently completing their Star rank advancements: Conner Turpin Talon Shiffler Luke Patterson Ethan Taylor We'll have a court of honor likely in late March to recognize these boys for their hard work. Others in the troop have also earned additional merit badges.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Banquet Delayed

We're going to delay the troop banquet and interfaith worship service scheduled for this Tuesday until February 24.

We have a good reason -- we want to use our time this coming Tuesday to practice knots and flint-and-steel fire-starting so we've got some practice before the Klondike Derby on the 21st. Thanks for understanding.