Friday, June 27, 2014

Food Drive

Remember we'll meet at the Tiebreaker church at 9 am Saturday to help collect food in the neighborhood for the Idaho Falls Soup Kitchen. It should take only about an hour, and offers you a chance to get a ride in Bro. Johnson's big Army truck.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Activity Reminder

Just a reminder that we're meeting at the Andersons, 855 S. Tiebreaker (near the corner of Tiebreaker and John Adams) Tuesday for a delayed joint activity with the young women. If you happen to see another Scout between now and 7 pm Tuesday, please let them know of the location change.

The Eagle Screams

Troop 125 and friends had a busy weekend, working with troop member Josh Miller to complete his Eagle service project in the Gallatin National Forest between the Idaho border and Hebgen Lake. Scouts -- including 11-year-old scouts and a few members of Varsity Team 125 -- and leaders cleared a lot (and I mean a lot) of alder and pine from the sides of a 1.2-mile ATV trail south of Hebgen Lake over the June 20-21 weekend. The scouts and leaders contributed in excess of 150 service hours to the project. Rangers also let us know that they've got plenty of trails that need similar maintenance, so any other Eagle Scout candidates looking for a project are welcome to contact them. Josh still has a few merit badges to finish up before he can be awarded his Eagle, but getting the project done is a major step forward. Congratulations to Josh and his father Jeff.

Friday Crew.

Saturday Crew. Photos courtesy Jeff Miller.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Josh Miller Eagle Project

Here's some more information on what's going on for Josh Miller's Eagle Project on Friday:

I'll be taking the first group of boys up to Island Park Friday morning. Please meet at my house Friday at 8 am. Boys assigned to ride with me include: Ethan Taylor, Ethan Farnes, Liam Davidson, Dean Halvorsen, Talon Shiffler,and Austin Kukenbacher.

Those coming with me need to bring a sack lunch in addition to the gear listed below.

Paul Fairbourn will be leaving from the Tiebreaker Church at 4:30 pm Friday. Those assigned to go with him include Zack Hinkley, Samuel Cody, Tyson Tolman, Luke Patterson, and Hunter Reinbolt.

Scouts need to bring a sleeping bag and a change of clothing. Clothing should include long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Work gloves will also be handy. It's also a good idea to bring a few snacks and a water bottle.

I have a family wedding to attend at noon Saturday, so I and a group of boys will be coming home early Saturday morning. Others will stay later, but everyone should be home by 5 pm Saturday.

We will be bringing one of the big tents, and Scouts who wish to may camp outside. Those who want to sleep inside the cabin have committed to completing a few Cycling or Communication merit badge requirements to earn the privilege of sleeping in the Miller Cabin.

Again, we remind our Scouts to be respectful of the Miller's property, and be grateful that they're allowing us to use it for our June adventure.

A note of congratulation: Luke Patterson had his board of review tonight, officially earning him the ranks of Boy Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class. Additionally, Dean Halverson had his board of review tonight and officially earned his Star rank. We'll have a court of honor June 29 to reward the boys for their hard work. Every scout in the troop has earned something, so your attendance on the 29th -- 7 pm at the Tiebreaker Church -- will be appreciated.

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Few New Events

As will happen in the world of Scouting from time to time, we have a few new events coming on our calendar.

On Saturday, June 28, we've been asked to work in the morning for a few hours to collect food in the neighborhood. The food will be donated to the Idaho Falls Food Bank. A flyer and other information on the food collection will be coming shortly.

Also on Saturday July 5, there will be a special flag ceremony at the Ammon North Stake Center at 7:30 AM, including a short program. The stake center is on East 17th Street, between Ammon and Crowley roads. I can provide rides to and from the event -- we'll meet at the Tiebreaker church at 7:15 am. The event will include a continental breakfast.

This post will also serve as a reminder that this weekend we'll be camping in Island Park and helping Josh Miller out with his Eagle Scout project.

I'll be leaving for Island Park Friday at about 8 am from my house at 540 Match Point, and have room for six passengers. Anyone coming at this time will need to bring their sleeping bags, water bottle, a good pair of work gloves, sturdy shoes and a sack lunch. Paul Fairbourn will be heading up to Island Park later in the afternoon Friday, at a time to be announced.

We'll be staying at the Millers' cabin in Island Park and spending the bulk of Friday and Saturday working to clear brush and boulders from a trail near Hebgen Lake, Montana. This is a good opportunity to rack up service hours.

I have to leave early Saturday for a family wedding, so some of the boys may be coming home early as well. We'll play things by ear as the day goes on.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Scout Camp Reminder

This is just a reminder that to attend Scout Camp, each boy needs to pay $40 (the ward is picking up the other $145 of the camp's cost).

There are two ways to pay:

You may either pay the bishopric of the Ammon 11th Ward directly, or you can pass me a check written out to the Ammon 11th Ward. We would like to have the payments made by the end of June. If you pay the bishopric directly, please let me know.