Tuesday, April 29, 2014

May 2014 Calendar -- Heavy on the Cycling

Here's our calendar and other information for the month of May:

April 29: Cycling Merit Badge equipment check. We’ll take a look at scouts’ bikes and equipment, discuss bicycle care, tire patching, etc. Discuss when to plan first bike ride.

May 6: Requirements Catch-Up Day (work on Communication Merit Badge) OR (depending on what the group decides) complete first 10-mile bicycle ride for Cycling Merit Badge.*

I’m thinking we’ll complete the two ten-mile bike rides on the Idaho Falls Greenbelt trails, taking the following route:

Start at Ryder Park (Sunnyside Road) follow trails on the east side of the river through downtown to Russell Freeman Park. Complete two one-mile loops through Freeman Park, then return to Ryder Park, also on the east side of the river. That route equals just over ten miles. (Map available here, click on “Trail Map” in the list of greenbelt maps.)

May 13: Requirements Catch-Up Day (work on Communication Merit Badge).

May 20: Combined YM/YW activity.

May 27: Complete second 10-mile bicycle ride for Cycling Merit Badge.*

May 30-31: Scout Campout. This will be held in conjunction with the father/son outing at Camp Cumorah – so fathers are invited to attend. Food provided by ward. We will be doing a service project at the camp Saturday morning. Camp Cumorah Location:

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*CYCLING MERIT BADGE: We are trying to decide if we want to complete our required bike rides during Scout time (Tuesdays) or work on them on the weekends so we don’t have scouts out late on a school night. Please let me know at misterfweem@yahoo.com or at 356-6554 if you have a preference. Our default plan is to complete our first 10-mile ride on Tuesday, May 6.

REMINDER: If you’re planning on going to scout camp with us July 28-Aug. 2, you need to have a new physical form completed. This applies for scouts and parent if the parent plans on attending. Additionally, parents who attend will need to complete Boy Scouts of America “Youth Protection” training, which can be found online. Instructions follow:

  • Go to https://myscouting.scouting.org
  • Create an account (you do not need a member ID to complete youth protection training)
  • Locate the youth protection training
  • Complete training and print certificate
  • Friday, April 25, 2014


    Just a reminder that for Scouts on Tuesday (April 29; regular time again, 7 pm) we'll start pulling our plan for the Cycling Merit Badge. We'll have a few things to discuss:
    • Who has a bike, and who might need a bike.
    • Who has a bike helmet, and who might need a bike helmet (yes, helmets will be part of our gear for this badge. Safety first.
    • Whether we're going to pursue the badge's road bike option or the trail bike option. Trail bike option has shorter mileages required. But it's all on trails. Harder going. Will need lots more bandages.
    • What routes will we take? How will we get there?
    Come with your gear if you desire, so we can look things over and see if there are any issues that need to be addressed before we start our first ride.