Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekend Camping/Bike Ride

Just a reminder that we're heading out to camp and complete our first 25-mile bike ride this Friday and Saturday.

We'll meet at the church from 5:30-6pm (a little later than usual to let one of our leaders have time to get out of an all-day conference at work). We'll camp at Twin Bridges campground north of Ririe, rather than at Driggs as planned earlier.

This will be our first cold-weather camp of the fall, so just as a reminder:

  1. Bring extra bedding. Bring a blanket with your sleeping bag, and make sure you've got a good pad to sleep on. You need as much or more padding underneath as on top to stay warm.
  2. Bring extra clothing, including a winter hat and gloves. We're not expecting rain or snow, but it's going to be chilly as we sleep and as we start our bike ride. I don't want to see any bicycle shorts, folks.
We'll ride our bikes through the potato fields and pastures of southern Madison County, from the Twin Bridges campground (on the Madison/Jefferson county line) north towards Lyman, then back south to Ririe to end at the campground. Jeff Miller has agreed to come along and drive a support vehicle to carry water and tools. If there's anyone interested in coming along, or camping out with us Friday night, let me know.

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