Saturday, July 19, 2014

Merit Badge Pow-Wow

As if the merit badge possibilities at scout camp weren't enough -- and camp is coming up in just another week -- the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #6 in Idaho Falls is sponsoring a merit badge pow-wow Saturday, Aug. 16.

I've reserved six slots for us -- so far.

The cost is $10 per scout, with the troop picking up the cost. This is a high-quality pow-wow our troop has been to before, with much success. It also includes a pizza lunch.

Merit badges at this pow-wow will include Citizenship in the Community (Eagle required) and Traffic Safety.

Some of our scouts have already earned Citizenship in the Community, but I think we'll be just fine bringing in a few extras when the Traffic Safety merit badge is started for those who don't want to repeat what they've already done.

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