Sunday, July 20, 2014

One Week to Scout Camp

It's hard to believe, but there's only one more week to go until we head off for Island Park Scout Camp.

First of all, A FEW REMINDERS:

We'll leave from my house, 540 Matchpoint Dr., between 8-9 am Monday, July 28.

If you haven't turned in your permission slip by then (I'll be passing them around at Scouts on Tuesday or you can click on the link to the right, print out a form and sign it) I'll be collecting them Monday.

  • Sleeping gear (pillow, sleeping bag or blankets, foam pad.
  • Spare clothing (please bring your Scout uniform, as we will have full-dress activities such as morning flag ceremonies, etc.) including pants, shorts, t-shirts, hat, jacket (you never know what kind of weather Island Park will throw at you) spare socks and underwear, pajamas, tennis shoes, hiking shoes and a pair of clogs or sandals. Do not, for the love of Mike, forget your swimsuit. There's lots of swimming, boating, etc.
  • Toiletries including soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush and paste, comb, towel, bug spray, sunscreen, etc. The camp does have nice hot showers.
  • Flashlight, pocket knife (if desired, no blades longer than 3"), notebook and pencil.
  • Fun things to bring might include a camera, cash for the trading post (they sell camp t-shirts, souvenirs, candy, etc.), a walking stick (we'll be going on a hike).
Please DO NOT bring bows or archery equipment (there's plenty at the camp's archery range) or other weapons (including personal firearms). For the firearm restriction, see Item 14 on the linked page in this paragraph.


We're at the Riversbend camp at Island Park Scout Camp. If for any reason you need to contact me at camp, please feel free to use my cell number, 569-9814.

The camp is located in Island Park, Idaho.If you've got an itch to visit, Thursday night at about 7 pm would be a good night to visit, as we'll host a troop all-you-can-eat ice cream contest, courtesy of the Ammon 11th Ward bishopric.


Scout Camp has two focuses: Fun and advancement. Scouts will have lots of fun at the water front, archery and rifle ranges, climbing tower, hiking, nature area and other spots. There are also lots of advancement opportunities, ranging from merit badges to rank advancement. I've got a pretty good bean on what all the scouts in the troop need to do to progress, so they'll be kept busy but be rewarded with merit badges or rank advancements (or both) before the week is out.

Questions? Please let me know at the email address to the right.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Merit Badge Pow-Wow

As if the merit badge possibilities at scout camp weren't enough -- and camp is coming up in just another week -- the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #6 in Idaho Falls is sponsoring a merit badge pow-wow Saturday, Aug. 16.

I've reserved six slots for us -- so far.

The cost is $10 per scout, with the troop picking up the cost. This is a high-quality pow-wow our troop has been to before, with much success. It also includes a pizza lunch.

Merit badges at this pow-wow will include Citizenship in the Community (Eagle required) and Traffic Safety.

Some of our scouts have already earned Citizenship in the Community, but I think we'll be just fine bringing in a few extras when the Traffic Safety merit badge is started for those who don't want to repeat what they've already done.

Eagle Project Thanks

Josh Miller wanted to say thank you to all the scouts, leaders, parents and family who helped him with his Eagle service project in June. Clearing that mile of ATV trail was hard work, but well worth it.

So thanks to the following for helping Josh out:

Jeff Miller
Dan Winterholler
Brian Davidson
Blaine Holverson
Paul Fairbourn
Rob Bratton
Angela Stevenson
Lane Stevenson
Ethan Farnes
Samuel Cody
Talon Shiffler
Ethan Taylor
Luke Patterson
Zack Hinkley
Hunter Reinbolt
Dean Halverson
Will Halverson
Sephra Miller
Benson Fullmer
Tyler Widdison
Liam Davidson

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 2014 Calendar

Can you believe it's almost time to head to scout camp? I can't. So we've got some activities this month that'll get us ready to go.

JULY 8: Quartermaster Inspection. The troop, under the leadership of our quartermaster and assistant quartermaster, will inspect and clean the Scout trailer to make sure it’s equipped and ready for Scout Camp later in the month. AND Troop reorganization and patrol meetings. We’ll select a new Senior Patrol Leader and ensure each patrol has cheers, yells, and other appropriate Scout Spirit items ready for Scout Camp. We’ll also  inspect the troop flag to ensure it’s ready for camp. 

JULY 15: Fifteen Mile Bike Ride. This is our second 15-miler for the Cycling Merit Badge. Please meet at the church, with your bikes, helmets, gloves and water. We’re planning an overland route, rather than a loop as we have done in the past. Having a parent or two willing to follow along in a support vehicle would be a great help.I've planned a route that'll take us to Iona and back -- with a midway stop at my in-laws, who have promised to let us use the bathroom and get a drink of water if we're on good behavior.

This route will be a bit more of a challenge than past routes, as we do have a few hills to climb.

JULY 22: Requirements Catch-Up Day. We’ll work on Cycling and Communication merit badges, and be prepared to answer any last-minute questions about Scout Camp. 

SCOUT CAMP WEEK JULY 28-AUGUST 2: Meet at the Tiebreaker church at 10 am. We’ll load there and leave for camp at 11 am or sooner, depending on how timely Scouts arrive.