Monday, June 16, 2014

A Few New Events

As will happen in the world of Scouting from time to time, we have a few new events coming on our calendar.

On Saturday, June 28, we've been asked to work in the morning for a few hours to collect food in the neighborhood. The food will be donated to the Idaho Falls Food Bank. A flyer and other information on the food collection will be coming shortly.

Also on Saturday July 5, there will be a special flag ceremony at the Ammon North Stake Center at 7:30 AM, including a short program. The stake center is on East 17th Street, between Ammon and Crowley roads. I can provide rides to and from the event -- we'll meet at the Tiebreaker church at 7:15 am. The event will include a continental breakfast.

This post will also serve as a reminder that this weekend we'll be camping in Island Park and helping Josh Miller out with his Eagle Scout project.

I'll be leaving for Island Park Friday at about 8 am from my house at 540 Match Point, and have room for six passengers. Anyone coming at this time will need to bring their sleeping bags, water bottle, a good pair of work gloves, sturdy shoes and a sack lunch. Paul Fairbourn will be heading up to Island Park later in the afternoon Friday, at a time to be announced.

We'll be staying at the Millers' cabin in Island Park and spending the bulk of Friday and Saturday working to clear brush and boulders from a trail near Hebgen Lake, Montana. This is a good opportunity to rack up service hours.

I have to leave early Saturday for a family wedding, so some of the boys may be coming home early as well. We'll play things by ear as the day goes on.

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