Wednesday, February 26, 2014


We just might have snow for the Klondike. Or rain. Or some kind of weather. Given this is Idaho, we'd better prepare for anything. So please remember to bring rain gear to camp with you this weekend. Also, don't forget those permission slips.

One more little thing: Here's the menu for camp, and what various people have agreed to bring. If you weren't asked or assigned, no worries. We'll catch you at the next campout:

Friday DINNER: Tin foil dinners. Paul Fairbourn will bring potatoes. The troop will provide carrots, onions, and the hamburger.

Saturday BREAKFAST: Bus drivers. Luke Patterson will bring bread. Rod and Ethan Farnes will bring eggs, bacon, and cheese.

Saturday SNACK: The troop will provide apples, oranges, granola bars, etc.

Please remember to bring a full water bottle. We'll have water on hand as well, but when you're camping, especially in the winter, you can never have enough water.

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