Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Caught Cheating at the Pod Races

I confess I cheated at the pod racing.

But I still lost – good proof that cheaters never prosper.

Josh, Talon, Dean, and Hunter challenged me to a pod race – just as it appears in the Star Wars film, sans Jabba the Hutt watching from the sidelines (and without a lot of other things, yes, I know) – down the road in front of the Millers’ cabin this past weekend.

Josh and Talon have a fast sled. I mean a fast sled. So confident were they, they offered the rest of us a head-start. “We’ll go at ten, you go at five, and Dean and Hunter can go at three,” Josh told us.

So I sat down on my sled. Adjusted a few things. Then said: “Okay, FIVE!”

I shot down the hill, lying practically flat in my sled, hoping my extra weight would power me down the hill ahead of them.

They weren’t far behind, with their calls of “cheater!”

I was moving. I mean moving. The start of that road is steep. But their shouts were getting closer. The slope was shallowing out.

Josh and Talon shot past me in a blaze of flying snow.

They won the race, despite my cheating.

We went again – only after I promised to play by the rules this time.

They kept winning. And winning.

Once on the way down, Dean, Hunter and I collided in a cloud of snow. Through the cloud I could hear shouts and laughter.

Good times.

We had to leave early thanks to an impending blizzard. But sledding with the Scouts of Troop 125 helped me recall many a sled outing when I was a Scout. Vivid memories. I hope that’s what the boys are building as well.

NOTE: Thanks to the Miller family for letting us use their cabin as a base for our snow adventures, and to Rodney Farnes for providing the pictures.

Ethan shows off his cold-weather gear.

Oh yeah. Island Park roads. Not as bad as we thought they'd be.

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